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Tick To help develop each squad member in both football and behavioural terms, give each
squad member a chance
Tick To be aware of the respect the position is held by the players and act appropriately
Tick Make the opposing teams manager, players and spectators feel comfortable by checking
on their needs prior to all games
Tick To enforce the Player and Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct


Tick Play because you enjoy football – not to please someone else
Tick Learn the rules and play by them
Tick Accept the referee’s decision – do not argue
Tick Do not attempt to mislead the referee by faking an injury – get on with the game
Tick Control your mouth and your temper
Tick Do not over react when your team scores a goal
Tick Shake hands at the end of the game – win or lose
Tick Respect you Club, your managers and set an example to all other players at all times.
Tick Help, encourage and support your team mates – nobody makes mistakes on purpose



Tick Praise effort and performance more than results
Tick Look for aspects to praise in players who might not otherwise get attention
Tick Give clear examples of excellent behaviour
Tick Show consistency
Tick Assess players with regard to their skills and attitudes
Tick Praise good behaviour quickly it is valued
Tick Help, encourage and support


Tick Attempt to coach or manipulate the players during matches
Tick Shout, swear, become violent or use sarcasm
Tick Ignore children who need help
Tick Attempt to referee the game by appealing for free kicks, offside etc.
Tick Assess players by their ability
Tick Abuse or argue with the referee or linesman
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