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Congratulations to everyone at Bucks CC FC, as once again the Club has been awarded a Charter Standard club.

Which we are sure you will agree is a great achievement and is recognition for all the hard work that everyone contributes.

The letter from the FA reads as follows...

Dear FA Charter Standard colleague

Congratulations on earning and maintaining your FA Charter Standard Award.

It’s a great achievement! Over 70% of all youth football is now played under the FA Charter
Standard banner, which is having a profound positive effect on the quality and safety of
grassroots football. The FA Charter Standard is recognised nationally as a mark of quality
and your club has the chance to tell your local community about how you are a part of this.

We know that running a club can be hard work and we know it’s not always easy to get
everything done off the pitch. If you’re keen to get your club seen and heard, but you’re not
quite sure how to do it, The FA has developed some new helpful guides and templates to

What’s Your Pitch? Is a new series of online resources at TheFA.com/yourgame that can
help you to get noticed. It’s got all the talk and tools you need to get started and we’ve
created handy templates to make it that little bit easier. From sponsorship to social networks
and fundraisers to football reports, we’ve got it covered.

If you’re just kicking off your club’s marketing or you’ve already got going, there’s a Tactics
Board where you can answer our quick questions. Once you’re finished we’ll give you a
score and a set of resources to help you get on and promote your team.

We’ve selected some of the top guides and templates for you on this CD-Rom to help you to
make your club famous in the your local community. And if you want any more details, check
out TheFA.com/yourgame for more advice.

Yours truly,

Mick Baikie

FA National Clubs Services Manager

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